Colombian Clothing Brands

Colombian clothing brands are increasingly recognized within the textile industries due to their high-quality designer garment and innovation. With more than a hundred years of history, Colombian clothing brands are backed up by a fashion industry that offers diverse, yet unique and innovative designs that are at the forefront of global trends. In addition to jeans, dresses, swimsuits, and leather products, Colombian fabric is highly valued and commercialized in international markets such as the United States, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Chile, the Dominican Republic, and other Central American countries.
The National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI) estimated that for 2018, the Colombian textile industry represented 8.2% of the industrial GDP of the country, 21% of industrial employment, and 9% of manufactured exports. During this year, companies from the textile business produced over 4.5 billion dollars, sold over 5 billion dollars, and employed more than 550.000 people. These statistics evidence how Colombian clothing brands within the textile industry play a major role in the Colombian economy.
Colombian sportswear brands, men, and women´s clothing brands are being recognized worldwide for their designs and for their capacity to adjust to their customer requirements in an increasingly competitive environment. Internationally, some of the most recognized products sold by clothing brands are Colombian butt lifting jeans, also known as Colombian high waisted jeans. Fashion clothing companies create these blue jeans, using the finest Colombian fabric to provide its customers with unique and high-quality products.

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