Industrial Supplies Company of Colombia

Industrial supply companies in Colombia are key drivers of the country's industrial business environment through their provision of various metal forms with high quality. Together with construction companies in Colombia, they make use and supply steel of Colombia to attend national demand and develop projects that can range from high-profile infrastructure to prefabricated houses.

Industry in Colombia regarding the steel supply has a very significant impact on the country's economic and social development, and is growingly increasing the attractiveness of the country's business environment to foreign investors. In accordance to the Colombian business association ANDI, the steel industry of Colombia is the backbone of the construction sector in the country which boosts the county's economy. The later relies in concrete facts given that the steel supply done by industrial supplies companies of Colombia create a robust value chain that also includes other companies dedicated to the production, manufacturing, and distribution of steel and other metal forms. For instance, metal products such as barber wire, galvanized pipe, and steel tubes are some of the goods that comprehend the Colombian industrial portfolio.

The relationship between said sector and the steel industry of Colombia is not only linked by the products that are provided as industrial supplies but also for additional externalities that are also significant to the country. Some of them are illustrated by the ANDI to have a great relevance such as the fact that the industry generates 45,000 direct and indirect jobs and, together with the metalworking chain. represents approximately 10.6% of the industrial gross domestic product. Therefore, the manufacturing and production of metal works such as stainless steel pipes, stainless steel tubes and galvanized sheet boost the country's economy by backing one of the biggest sectors which is Colombia construction, and in addition it creates employment and initiatives to drive social development projects.

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