Natural cosmetic products in colombia

Colombian cosmetics have been in high demand in the international market over recent years. As one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, it is rich in natural resources that are perfect for cosmetic production. The country is one of the principal exporting countries in the cosmetics sector in Latin America and its market seems to be strengthening and growing at a high rate.
As consumers research and become more aware of the ingredients used in their beauty products and understand the benefits and disadvantages of the severe and synthetic chemicals on their bodies, there is a growing interest in pursuing more natural and healthier ways of living.
Products such as lotions, moisturizers, masks, and washes are essentials to both male and female skincare routine. These products have become daily essentials that are important to keep our skin and body "healthy" but at what cost? Lately, as information becomes more available, consumers wonder if these products are helping them instead of giving them side effects.
We have seen lately all over the web, on marketing, and social media that more natural makeup and more organic makeup brands are booming worldwide. The high demand for natural cosmetics has opened an opportunity for producers to develop products with more sustainable and high-performance ingredients.
Latin American countries are sourcing more and more natural skincare, and cosmetic ingredients.
The Colombian cosmetic companies have gradually included more natural skincare products upgrading their quality and opening opportunities to a more segmented market.
With the positive and more conscient changes, socially responsible environmental and business practices are being rewarded in the marketplace, making natural beauty products and organic skincare within the affordable ranges.

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