Flower exporters in colombia

Colombia is the second largest exporter of flowers in the world. According to a recent study, the industry creates more than 120,000 jobs and counts for approximately 25% of female employment in rural regions.

The country is gifted with an extensive variety of flowers and plants. Currently, the country has more than 130,000 different plant species. Such diversity and abundance is what attracts international buyers the most, all with very specific needs.

Orchids, also known as Cattleyas, are the national flower with for more than 1,500 different species. Seizing this opportunity of diversity, there are multiple flower brands and flower exporters offering native Colombian flowers, Colombian orchids and foliage to the rest of the world.

Flower exporters in Colombia have one of the highest quality standards ensuring optimum flower sizes, colors and longer preservation time. Thanks to Colombia’s rich climate conditions and fertile land, the country has a large variety of exotic flowers attracting clients from all five continents. Additionally, flower exporters in Colombia are known for their investment in social and environmental programs around sustainable production of exotic flowers.

Roses are also extremely famous in Colombia, offering a wide variety of colors and sizes, all of them with one of the highest quality.

With more than 40 years of experience and strong presence in key international markets, Colombia’s flower production industry is perhaps one of the strongest and most developed one.

Some of the flowers and plant varieties the industry has to offer are: blue, white, green and colored hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, hortensias, carnations, hibiscus syriacus, and a variety of foliage amongst others.

There is a wide diversity of highly equipped flower and foliage factory farms ready to meet the most exquisite needs.

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