Distributors of personal hygiene products in colombia

Colombia is an ideal foreign investment destination for the cosmetics and personal care sector. Beauty supplies and personal care products have become an important market for products in the country. Products for hair treatment and hair colors such as shampoo, conditioner, hair dyes, and hair spray are highly demanded by both, local and international consumers.
It is important to consider in detail the different wants and needs of the consumers. Being diverse and providing a broad portfolio has made Colombia an ideal market place where to find personal care products.
The country has experience in both producing and exporting for beauty supply stores in the Latin American market. One of its substantial comparative advantage in this sector is that the country accounts for a wide range of natural ingredients produced locally, as it holds nearly 10% of the biodiversity of the earth and it is the second most biodiverse country in flowers.
Colombia can be highly competitive in the international market, as it enjoys preferential tariffs on exports to many countries in the region such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay among others. This benefit has allowed hair and beauty supply producers to reach these markets with low exporting costs.
Consumers of this sector are always looking for high quality and innovative hair products. Also, there has been a recent increase in demand for small and eco-friendly easy to use packaging. Colombian beauty and personal care suppliers are constantly adapting to all these characteristics and changes in the market. Including the new trend for organic hair products and healthier personal care goods.

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