Sale of tiles in Colombia

With more than one hundred years, the textile industries in Colombia are characterized by their adaptability, innovation, and high standards. Textile factories, fabric factories, clothing manufacturing companies, clothing brands, and many other market players, are the ones in charge of growing this relevant sector for the Colombian economy. According to data presented by the Colombian Chamber of Clothing and Related, the textile industries in Colombia generate nearly 200.000 direct jobs and 600.000 indirect jobs each year. These jobs are granted by the nearly 500 small and medium textile businesses that exist in the country.

Colombian clothing brands are very resilient and focus their efforts on understanding the needs of their customers in the rapidly changing textile and clothing industries. Aware of this, the Colombian textile industry is constantly renewing its infrastructure, quality control, and customer service. New products are being created, and innovation is the roadmap for most Colombian fabric and clothing brands. Therefore, the industry is recognized for its technological advancements and continuous research to create better materials that support the design of high-end clothing.

In addition to the latter, to keep up with the worldwide textile industry, Colombian fashion clothing companies are providing their customers with intelligent garments that comply with international standards of social and environmental responsibility. Intelligent garments such as spandex or shapewear fabric, are used by some shapewear brands to produce and export body shaper girdles. Furthermore, some other fabric companies are producing antibacterial, anti-fluid, and biodegradable textiles, to enhance the creation of hospital clothing and biosecurity coveralls.

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Polypropylene tiles

Polypropylene tiles


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