manufactures of electronic devices for biosafety

Colombia has positioned itself as the third-largest manufacturer of electronic devices for biosafety in Latin America, after Brazil and Mexico, a position ratified to remain according to the 2022 forecasts of Business Monitor International.

This ranking is due to this segment's dynamism in Colombia, which has presented average annual growth rates (CAGR) between 2014 and 2017 of 18% in local currency (COP) and 7.9% in USD.

In Colombia, this market is highly dependent on imports, representing 84% of total sales, this is one reason why local production presents an opportunity to be more competitive, given variations in the exchange rate.

Bogotá represents more than 75% of sales. The city offers advantages for producers, an aspect that is evidenced by the concentration of 50% of the manufacturing companies in this sector in the capital.

For the medical devices companies, Bogota is also strategic due to the city's geographic location (Central), the number of air and land routes to all regions of the country to achieve broad coverage.

50% of the country's health institutions and some of the most critical international references are located in Bogotá, which provides an opportunity to focus on this institution type.

2020 was a challenging year for the industry. The companies' R + D departments had to exceed themself and develop new and improved temperature monitoring technologies. Nowadays, everywhere Colombians have to check their temperatures, wireless temperature monitoring is taking the lead in important malls. At the airport, the temperature monitoring system is mandatory at the entrance.

This industry shows a notorious prospection of growth for the next years, experienced in the world's situations and the government's policies for public places.

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