Colombian Apparel Companies

Colombian apparel companies are the motor behind the thriving textile Colombian industry. Colombian fabric also plays a major role in the high-quality standards for which this industry is world widely known. This prestigious recognition is supported by efficient and innovative, local textile factories and sewing factories that supply national and international clothing industries. When these elements come together, and the clothing manufacturing process of Colombian clothing brands ends, innovative confections with high standard designs are created.

Besides its high quality and constant reinvention to meet the fast-changing customer requirements in the clothing industries, Colombia is also recognized as a leading country in Latin America for its sustainable development, ethical practices, and social responsibility within the textile industry. Related to this, Colombia and its clothing industries also support environmental initiatives of fair trade. Many Colombian apparel companies have BASC, ISO 9000, and other international certificates. Additionally, Colombia´s trade platform has over 16 commercial trade agreements that represent positive benefits for potential investors.

Colombian clothing brands have a varied confections portfolio to reach different market segmentations throughout the world. Therefore, is one of the leading producers in Latin America of fashion clothing such as ripped jeans, pants, swimming suits, men and women underwear, girdles, bras, and others. The Colombian textile industry works with the latest technology to produce anti-fluids, water repellent, UV protection, and other intelligent technology garments. These technological advances allow Colombian clothing brands to develop garments to produce high-quality medical clothes, surgery clothes, medical robes, and medical uniforms.

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