The disposable gaiter is a Biosafety product designed under the
better quality standards to avoid contamination in critical areas, hygienic, insulating from liquids, disposable and not resterilizable
  • Medical and Hospital Supplies

  • Instruments, Appliances and Prosthetics



http://www.biosafeconfort.com Biosafe is a manufacturer of biosafety supplies, especially 3-layer disposable masks with meltblow filter system.
We want all people to feel comfortable and protected with our masks since protection is important in these times that is why all our raw material is of high quality. With which we have achieved that our filtration system is 99.2%, thus guaranteeing a high quality product.
We are located with a distribution point in Cartagena de Indias and a production point in Cali, which gives us a great geographically advantage for export since we have the two most important ports nearby and allows us to maintain stable prices in the market without high shipping cost.
Biosafe is a family business, for this reason our commitment is that our clients are safe and confident of the product that is offered.