210 Egg Packaging x 30 - Green

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We are experts in the manufacture of
egg packaging x 30 which are 100% Recovered and 100% Recoverable
100% Colombian product - We are manufacturers

1. Made of high strength PET
2. Separate two-piece design: lid and base
3. Snap-lock security closure
4. Facilitates stacking, storage and transportation
5. Helps to maintain the safety and asepsis of the product.
6. Keeps the product safe and reduces damage
7. Ideal for delivery to the end customer
8. Easy to recycle material

It includes:
* Package of 210 units (minimum sales unit)
* Value does not include transport, they can be agreed with the buyer to collect the product.
* Value does not include VAT.

For better conservation of the case before use, it is recommended to store it at room temperature, protected from sunlight.
210 Egg Packaging x 30 - Green Image
210 Egg Packaging x 30 - Green Image
210 Egg Packaging x 30 - Green Image
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https://www.acebri.com/ We are leaders in the extrusion of sheets for thermoforming and flower packaging; fibers for brushes, fiber for the reinforcement of concrete; packaging for eggs and ropes for brooms, based on the recovery and transformation of post-consumer PET, permanently investing in technology, innovation and development, committed to the safety and health of all our employees and the caring of the environment, in addition to developing differentiating projects in the construction sector.