Wholesale Household Items in Colombia

The furniture industry in Colombia has become a target market for international buyers and investors. In recent years, the country has opened doors on international grounds through innovation and creativity. Entrepreneurs have diversified the traditional way of production and business making in the sector. This has opened up the market worldwide with the use of proper marketing and modernization strategies. Furniture is a desirable commodity for many new and established households. Closets, entertainment centers, kitchen furniture, and bathroom furniture are some of the usual furniture on which people spend time and money. These commodities have made spaces at home more comfortable and functional. They organize, store, and amplify spaces that we use in our daily living.
Through the years, the production of furniture has had a substantial change. Years ago, these commodities were only available for people who could afford the making of them and the materials were difficult to find and handle. With the innovation of materials and design, modern furniture has changed the way of living in many homes. RTA (Ready to Assemble) furniture has been without a doubt the most demanded format of furniture in recent years, as it is practical, affordable, and easy to handle.
Colombia has been part of the development and has seen the business opportunity in the sector.
In the year 2019, the country had a 7.3% growth in the region. It exported wooden furniture for USD 36.97 million whereas, in 2018, the exports were USD 34.4 million.
The international market for designer and modern furniture is very competitive in terms of product, price, and service. But the Colombian furniture factories have developed multiple comparative advantages that have made it stand out in the international market. Most important and emphasizing, quality, compliance, and delivery times among others.

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