Printed products in Colombia

Printing companies in Colombia have a holistic approach. Most of these companies provide a full package service that centers on helping the client through the design process up until the printing process. These are companies that also act as printing advertising and marketing companies and graphic arts companies.

In addition, many of these printing companies have special agreements with paper manufacturers and companies allowing them to offer rich diversity of production and printing materials at an affordable price.

This combined with well qualified human talent ready to meet the client’s need continues to attract the global market.

Some of the top trading global partners that import some of the printing products made in Colombia which includes printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry, manuscripts, typescripts, planners, loyalty cards) are Spain producing $19 million USD, Peru ($17.1 million USD) and the USA ($14.4 million USD).

Among other printed products in Colombia that are available are stationery material, coloring books, label paper, self adhesive labels and more.

The industry is available and ready to continue helping the international market. These shops can provide a diverse set of services including the design of different kinds of products, branding, labeling and advertising needed to deliver a complete and well detailed product.

But most importantly, access to the latest technology offered to produce well done printing products at affordable prices are what attracts most global companies. The printing sector is estimated to have a 10% sales increase by 2021.

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