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Custom software developers in Colombia are boosting the software and IT services industry to become an international benchmark. Colombia has a consolidated and growing software development industry. Colombian software developers have gained experience in segments like fintech, health, agriculture, oil & gas, energy, telecommunications, big data, and others. According to the Telecommunications Ministry and the Colombian Federation for Software and IT (Fedesoft), the industry´s annual growth rate for the last years is around 17%. Additionally, estimations suggest that there are more than 6.000 Colombian software companies. This includes mobile apps development companies, business software companies, mobile development companies, and software creation companies.

The Colombian software development industry has the biggest workforce within the region, according to the 2019 IMD World Talent Report. Furthermore, it is ranked first in growth and training, surpassing countries like Peru, Mexico, and Brazil. High-quality products, innovation, and specialization are some other reasons that make this industry a worldwide benchmark. Therefore, Colombian IT solutions and Colombian IT support centers are being hired by international companies to manage and supply their IT requirements. Besides all of these, the main reason for the Colombian market to thrive is governmental support. By promoting research, creating tax exemptions and other incentives, the national government is aiming to increase the market’s participation in the Colombian GDP.

With the specialization of many software development companies and application development companies, the whole industry is creating customized solutions for its national and international customers. Many of the developers integrate aspects like chatbots, mobile applications, and software design, to produce high-quality digital products that comply with their customers´ requirements.

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