Industries 4.0 - Audiovisual
Industries 4.0 - Audiovisual


The Colombian audiovisual industry's rise to stardom is unstoppable. Its constant evolution, boosted by quality infrastructure, wide experience hosting large-scale international productions, and the commitment of state entities to promote the sector, has allowed it to reach high international standards.

While local productions across diverse formats are greeted with acclaim and awards at international festivals, the country also continues to position itself as an appealing destination for international production companies thanks to a committed and talented human capital, diverse and versatile locations, an outstanding complementary accommodation offer, and competitive costs on a global scale.

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Carolina Amaya Barreto
Audiovisual - Services Exports Business Leader
Alejandro Londoño
Services Exports Business Leader, United States
Dayana Martínez
Trade Representative for Puerto Rico, French Territories, U.S and British Virgin Islands
Juan Camilo Charry
Services Exports Business Leader, Mexico
Adriana Peñarredonda
Services Exports Business Leader, Peru
Diego Felipe Cifuentes
Services Exports Business Leader, Ecuador
Luis Alberto Baquero
Services Exports Business Leader, Spain
Angelica Camacho
Services Exports Business Leader, UK
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Dynamo Producciones, At Dynamo we create, develop and produce premium content for global platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Viacom, HBO and AMC. Wefocus on innovative storytelling and see talent as the central pillar of our strategy; that’s why we work with the best industry professionals across the globe to create and produce the best original stories.
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Ferviente Films, FERVIENTE FILMS is an audiovisual production company focused on filmmaking and the creation of original content of different genres, lengths and for different windows. Founded by Diana Pérez Mejia, producer of the film "Pariente" (Guilty Men, 2016), selected by Colombia for the Oscar Awards 2017.
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HECHO EN LIENZO S.A.S., Before building the world of a film, a team must be built with the ability to create it within the limits of time and budget. Having LiENZO as your art department could easily be the best decision you have made as a director or producer since you decided to start telling your story.

We are your art department wherever you need us. We will go anywhere in the world to create the world you have in mind. Tell us what you imagine!
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Provideo S.A.S., In the audiovisual industry since 1981
Provideo is a Colombian company with ample experience at international level. We are leaders in TV content distribution in the territory, ideal partners for the production of audiovisual contents and have broad experience in live broadcast of events, such as conventions, conferences, concerts and sport events, among others.

Additionally, we have vast experience in neutral Spanish Dubbing & Localization services (Voice-Over, Lip-Sync, Subtitling, Closed Caption, Audio Description, Music adaptation, Foley, etc.).Our internationally renowned quality and the cost-benefit ratio of our services have allowed us to penetrate new markets, such as digital platforms and videogames. Content dubbed by the Company (Licensed and Original) can now be found in digital platforms such as NETFLIX and AMAZON, among others, as well as in the traditional television, audiobook and corporate video markets
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Caracol Television, Caracol Televisión is a private-operated national television network that has produced many of Colombia’s most innovative and successful television programs. Today, CARACOL TV has become a true powerhouse, expanding its influence beyond Colombia through its world-class International Channel and International Distribution Division: CARACOL INTERNATIONAL.

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CORPORACIÓN PILAS COLOMBIA, We are an interdisciplinary team with experience in the creation, production, and postproduction of independent content for TV and Cinema. Our interest includes drama, action-adventure, humor, sci-fi, suspense, etc. We produce scripted and non-scripted content emphasizing on Afro-descendant communities. There are approximately 400 million Afro-descendants in the Americas and not enough content for this market, especially in Latin America. Pilas Colombia has been nominated for two TV & Novela Awards (2017), and 17 India Catalina awards (2018); furthermore, Pilas Colombia was also nominated to two India Catalina Awards (2020). Pilas Colombia have won thirteen India Catalina Awards and most recently also won the Caribbean Network Award (2021) given by the Caribbean Broadcast Union in Barbados.
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Epica Studio, Any story, big or small, can be an epic story.

Epica Studio is a media production company based in Bogotá, Colombia. We make emotions come to life on the screen. We produce stories for cinema, broadcast and the web. We create our own content and provide solutions for others.
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Jaguar Bite, Jaguar Bite’s focus is to deliver International Market production standards to its service clients. To accomplish this goal the company has enlisted the services of Los Angeles based producer and production designer Carlos Osorio, and Colombian based producers Simon Beltrán, Juan Pablo Solano and Juan Diego Villegas. Combined they bring 40 years of international productions to the table.

We focus exclusively on international production services for films, tv series and commercials. Vast international producing experience along with key strategic vendor alliances in the US, Europe, LATAM and Colombia are the keys to Jaguar Bite’s success.
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kosmology, Compañía de desarrollo y producción, con sede en Bogotá y Berlín, con énfasis en World Building, una práctica narrativa desarrollada por nuestro director creativo Juan Díaz Bohorquez en colaboración con Alex McDowell, Diseñador de Producción de Minority Report, Fight Club. Estamos desarrollando series y películas para diferentes mercados. Fundada por Juan y el productor creativo Steven Grisales (GARCÍA, EL PÁRAMO, ALIAS MARÍA y SOMOS CALENTURA, una coproducción de EE. UU., Argentina y México adquirida por HBO EE. UU.
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PÚLSAR STUDIOS S.A.S, Púlsar Studios is a pan-regional production company that was born from the extensive and diverse trajectory of the managing partners and their team. We have more than 20 years of experience in creating content, structuring and executing successful projects.
We focus on producing Premium series, teleseries, telenovelas, miniseries and TV movies in Colombia and Mexico, for the world. We have a wide Network of talent, producers, screenwriters and creatives.

At Púlsar, our mission is to create surprising content and to generate production models that respond to market demands. We encourage all to dream big.
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Punta Fina Contenidos, Punta Fina is a content factory made up of remarkable screenwriters and showrunners. We write both original and custom-made content for films, series, and TV. With a solid presence in Latin America, our offices are based in Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. We're also specialists when it comes to other services such as Script Doctor, Adaptations, or Adjustments for production. Some of our most important clients are Claro Video, Sony, HBO, Fox, PantaYa, and Telemundo.
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Telecinco , Telecinco Colombia
We are a multi-screen, positive and inspiring content production company, with more than 29 years in the market,
We have 5 lines of business.
Broadcasting where we have our own cell phones and from where we can transmit to the world via satellite, via streaming and fiber optics.
2. Content production, where we have had the possibility to produce series, reality shows, documentaries, commercial videos, video clips, short and long films.
Digital Marketing, we have our own digital channel called Next Five Colombia in all social networks and transmitting our content on different television channels. We create digital strategies and 2D, 3D animation and illustration.
4, Service & rental: Crew, equipment rental, locations, models, actors and speakers.
5. Commercial Center: In Telecinco we sell and market cans, we advertise in different channels and platforms and we work in ATL and BTL advertising.
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Centauro, Centauro is a full service organization that offers the following services: localization services (dubbing and subtitling), audiovisual productions and web development, we operate in the film, television, VOD, video game platforms, business communication and advertising sectors, providing high quality services in one place.
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2.35 Digital, Specialized in color correction, this laboratory works on deliverables for digital platforms, TV channels and cinema. Provides on-set services, datamanagement, workflow design, color dailies, DIT and the entire post-production service, including post-production supervision, coordination and project manager. 2.35 has been in the field for ten years, emerged as a response to the rising film production in the region and the growing demand of a industry that asked for the postproduction standarization processes.
This Lab is at the forefront of processes, standards and best practices regarding to workflows and new technologies, this has made it the pioneers in color correction on different softwares, new technologies, software and all based in color science. 2.35 facilities offers equipment for color and finishing in HDR 10, Dolby vision, 4K Projection room, QC room for HDR Image and Sound 5.1, data storage management and centralization and security backups in LTO 6.0 and 8.0.
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36 grados sas, Audiovisual producer with more than 11 years of experience in the entertainment industry
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Allbreaker, ALLBREAKER is a development studio focused on real time engines ike Unity and Unreal Engine for multiplatform experiences for PC, Mobile, VR and AR. Since 2014 we have been working with industries such as military, farmaceutical, government, sports, entertainment, education and marketing.

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