Industries 4.0 - Software
Industries 4.0 - Software


Colombia is developing its software & IT industry with the aim of maximizing its great potential. The sector is being strongly boosted by its competitive human capital, by strong government and business union commitment, and by the presence of regional clusters.

This wide offer of Colombian origin stands out for its experience developing specialized solutions at competitive costs, which is why international buyers are coming to our doors in search of an answer to all their software & IT needs.

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Clara Inés López Cardona
Software - Services Exports Business Leader
Alejandro Londoño
Services Exports Business Leader, United States
Dayana Martínez
Trade Representative for Puerto Rico, French Territories, U.S and British Virgin Islands
Juan Camilo Charry
Services Exports Business Leader, Mexico
Adriana Peñarredonda
Services Exports Business Leader, Peru
Diego Felipe Cifuentes
Services Exports Business Leader, Ecuador
Luis Alberto Baquero
Services Exports Business Leader, Spain
Angelica Camacho
Services Exports Business Leader, UK
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Hand Business Solutions, HAND BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is a company oriented to the application of new technologies, founded in July 2007 with headquarters in Bogotá.

It offers a portfolio of services focused on supporting, advising, implementing or developing solutions that help clients to optimize their processes, facilitate their communications with end customers, suppliers, business partners and generate less time in their workflows
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INDIE LEVEL STUDIO, At Indie Level Studio we provide technology solutions through interactive digital content.
We are passionate about the creation of videogames for multiple platforms, where stories are created and developed from concept to the final product. We have the necessary equipment to provide quality support in public and corporate events, generating brand recall through virtual reality.
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Wise In Media S.A.S., We are a company that as a design and research laboratory of new technologies, implements the TRANSMEDIA concept which allows to show and visualize projects, products, concepts and brands through multimedia and digital services.
The company's portfolio is divided into 6 lines:
Interactive, Animation, Video Games, Web Content, Applications and Brand Activations.
View more +, is a digital studio with more than 7 years of experience creating and implementing digital solutions for big companies around the world. We have an excellent lineup of digital products and services, designed to help our client grow.
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AZLOGICA, We are leaders in Development Solutions Internet of Things (IoT), with more than 12 years of success cases and presence in the US and Europe. Our solutions have financial impact due to their high ROI, a Social Impact for the direct approach to the Sustainable Development Goals and a Technological Impact because of the Digital Equity which enables the closing of the technological breach between communities, making them more competitive
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Ceiba Software House S.A.S., With over 750 in house employees based in the US time zone specializing in nearshore software development services such as:

*Dedicated agile nearshore development teams with project management, UX/UI, and DevOps support to solve your digital challenges.

*Staff augmentation to scale your development team with nearshore talent on demand.

Ceiba Software specializes in custom web app [C#, Java, Node, Angular, VUE, React ], and mobile app development [Xamarin, React Native, iOS Native, Android Native] among others.

We have worked with clients of all sizes from small startups to enterprise level publicly traded international companies. Some of our clients include the third biggest bank in Canada, biggest insurance company in Colombia, most valuable company in Latin America, and the biggest flower distributor in the US as well as a startup that is in the acceleration/scale phase.

*Great Place to Work

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COCO INVERSIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.A.S, Company dedicated to providing telemedicine network and AI booking cloud software.
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Dexon Software, Dexon BPM: Optimizing organizations by doing their workflow automation. For more than 15 years we have supported more than 120 large customers at LATAM with end-to-end digitization of their business processes. We do this by adding our technology
with the knowledge of each client’s business, doing together the modeling, simulation, optimization, and automation of their processes.This frees people from repetitive, monotonous, and boring tasks to focus on what really adds value to their organizations,
while transforming their work into a relevant and fun one.We are convinced that efficient processes are more sustainable and lead to companies being more productive and able to grow exponentially with the same resources they already have.
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Exsis Software y Soluciones, Exsis supports companies through their process of digital transformation, crafting custom solutions that meet the needs of the market.
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GML SOFTWARE, GML is a company with more than 22 years of experience in the market with clients from the public and private sector, dedicated to the development of custom software, outsourcing of engineers, development cells and IT tools for electronic and digital signature, process management and monitoring of legal compliance of companies.
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Grupo Cubo LTDA, Grupo CUBO has a 14 years history in the market, offering services of development and implementation on system information, data analytics and apps integration for government entities and private companies.

In each project we seek to be a strategic ally to our customers to support its operational, tactical and strategic management through software solutions.
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Grupo Link, Grupo Link is a holding company with more than 20 years of experience in implementing Digital Transformation solutions. We offer solutions in: Consulting in Digital Transformation, Development of Digital Products (Mobile Applications, Portals, Custom Development, Integrations), and Outsourcing of Technology Development Teams.

- Winners of the Webby Award 2020 in the Travel category, for the Colombia Travel project for Regional ProColombia.

- Winners of the W3 Gold Award 2020 in the Gold category, for the best Architecture Website (Pacheco Estudio de Arquitectura).

- Winners of the IDB Lab Grant 2020 competition for Tracing Covid Ecuador project.
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Innovati Software, We are a software development company that helps businesses become more digital in order to increase revenue, decrease cost and improve customer service.

Our software development service is characterized by the technical depth of our engineers, as well as the use of agile practices and Innovation methodologies, which helps to develop the most appropriatesolution for each specific need.
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mangus, We are experts in implementing education solutions leveraged by technological tools and educational innovation. We help you offer a virtual learning experience with greater interaction by users through a course platform accessible from mobile devices and with artificial intelligence and gamification tools, which enable a more personalized, entertaining and motivating dynamic for the user. . In addition, we develop more attractive virtual courses and content, teaching through multimedia resources and interactive activities that allow the student to “learn by doing”.
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PAYMENTS WAY SOLUTIONS S.A.S, Payments Way Solutions S. A.S. is a Fintech company that provides payments solutions through gateway services for digital commerces , ewallets, smart bracelet and Custom Solutions.
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Revive Entrenamiento Medico Integral , Medical errors are the third cause of death in the world, in Revive we have created a technological platform of medical solutions based on 7 pillars that helps to reduce this problem actively, these pillars are Digital Education with Mastery Learning methodology, Initially developed in conjunction with Platzi, certification, Assistance to the professional with AI, patient safety, communication channel and DATA, we help professionals to achieve learning for the DOMAIN and we accompany them in their daily exercise for a correct decision making in front of their patients.
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