Industries 4.0 - Video games
Industries 4.0 - Video games


Colombia's video game industry is levelling up. The development of this creative sector is possible thanks to power-ups like the creativity, technical skill, talent, and experience of its human capital, as well as the high quality of its artistry, mechanics, storytelling and music, which are all credited with positioning Colombian businesses and developments worldwide.

This stimulating environment is made possible by the support of the national government and business unions committed to its growth, by industry gatherings like game jams that take place in Colombia, and by the great level of adaptability to different platforms and technologies by its businesses, and it has attracted key international players who seek to co-produce with Colombian developers.

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Silvia Juliana Diaz Reyer
Videogames - Services Exports Business Leader
Alejandro Londoño
Services Exports Business Leader, United States
Dayana Martínez
Trade Representative for Puerto Rico, French Territories, U.S and British Virgin Islands
Juan Camilo Charry
Services Exports Business Leader, Mexico
Adriana Peñarredonda
Services Exports Business Leader, Peru
Diego Felipe Cifuentes
Services Exports Business Leader, Ecuador
Luis Alberto Baquero
Services Exports Business Leader, Spain
Angelica Camacho
Services Exports Business Leader, UK
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DEAD MONKEY, We are a video game development studio built around a passionate team working remotely from all over the world, with experience in development and art, focus in video games.
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Free to Play, Free to Play is a Gamification and behavioral design startup that provides customized and distinctive solutions. We won the Excellence in E-learning or Web-based Gamification Design and the Overall Outstanding Use of Gamification for Learning at the GamiCon Awards 2019 sponsored by Training Magazine, USA. Some of our clients are Bancolombia, Sura Asset Management, Grupo Bolívar, Telefónica, Totto, Universidad de Los Andes, Accenture, Terpel Oracle, among others.
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Ignicion Games s.a.s, We are a company dedicated to videogame development, offering high quality creative services in 3D modeling, Concept Art, Animation and Software Development.

We count with a highly efficient team, with them, we have managed to make some of our own video games, some have been published, some are still in concept art.
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INDIE LEVEL STUDIO, At Indie Level Studio we provide technology solutions through interactive digital content.
We are passionate about the creation of videogames for multiple platforms, where stories are created and developed from concept to the final product. We have the necessary equipment to provide quality support in public and corporate events, generating brand recall through virtual reality.
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Slashware S.A.S., Videogames Developers - JavaScript / Unity
Development outsourcing and Own IPs
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Teriun Games, Teriun Games is a studio dedicated to the development and production of video games.

We develop high quality videogames with Colombian talent, experts in development, multimedia design and sound production focused on generating experiences for players.
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Timba GAMES, Timba is a video game production company headquartered in Medellin, Colombia, we specialize in developing 2D, Anime alike, Unity adventure games tailored for web, PC, mobile and console devices.

We are a team of 20+ developers with over 6 years experience. Our debut PC game was Puppet Kings, a modern take on the Breakout genre taking block-breaking to new levels of fun by introducing characters, boss rush as primary game mode and a rogue-like twist.

We create awesome videogame, because of our experience we have been providers for games like Lamo, Monster Harem, among others.

Today, besides working and partnering with international game dev companies such as NUTAKU, Plug In Digital Amber Studio, among others, we are working in our personal Project: Eldrich Coven, a game about building your own cult to summon ancient creatures to lay waste
to the world.
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Centauro, Centauro is a full service organization that offers the following services: localization services (dubbing and subtitling), audiovisual productions and web development, we operate in the film, television, VOD, video game platforms, business communication and advertising sectors, providing high quality services in one place.
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Atomic Studio SAS, Atomic Studio SAS develops interactive software for different purposes: advertising, education, entertainment, training and simulation for different media: mobile (iOS, Android, Black Berry, Windows phone), computers (Windows or Mac), web, and Xbox Kinect 360.
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Blazing Soft S.A.S., We are a company with more than 10 years working on digital entertainment industry, implementing and developing gamification, videogames and extended realities (XR, VR, AR) solutions for different industries, such as: health, energy, education, telecomunications and entertainment.
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Hadron Games, Videogame development company with 5+ years experiencie in mobile, PC and VR Videogames, Educational videogames and medical & STEM Simulators
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Higuera Studios SAS, Higuera Studios develops comprehensive digital experiences for instruction, simulation, training, work safety improvement, certification, or education, combining sophisticated 2D and 3D animation skills and mobile and VR application development. From UI development to back-end database programming, Higuera specializes in development that brings unique, digital, and virtual experiences, where safety improvement at work, teaching, and training on impossible and real-life situations or environments is key.
We are always motivated to create the most immersive experiences, that’s why are capable to develops and design wireless IoT devices that work together with the VR and cloud platforms in our products.
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LAB INTERACTIVOS S.A.S, LAB Interactivos is a software developer Company dedicated to make apps, interactive installations and platforms, digital content, advergaming, gamification, web contest platforms, VR games, Augmented reality developments, 360 interactive videos and social media games, contest and interactivity. Thanks to a multiprogramming language team and new technologies, analogic, electronica and robotic tech, having a wide variety of media possibilities that can express all your ideas in to reality. We have more than 5 years of experience in gaming and software development for business.

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Medea Interactiva, In Medea Interactiva we have been developing for 15 years virtual solutions and for the last 6 years e-learning and marketing experiences using instructional methodologies and latest cutting-edge technologies from the world of video games, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Simulation and Artificial Intelligence to create unique, attractive, effective and measurable learning and communication experiences.

For the last five years, we have been working with some of the biggest companies in Colombia and with clients in South America, United States and Canada, creating innovative, motivating, effective and measurable experiences to increase their efficiency and productivity.
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MOMPOZT SAS, Mompozt is an animation studio in constant evolution, with more than 14 years of experience conceptualizing and developing stories and characters that solve the challenges that agencies, brands, and game developers present to us.

With offices in Bogota, Medellin, and Mexico City, at Mompozt, we adapt to the needs of our global clients to answer creatively to local realities.

We firmly believe that our ability and way of understanding art and technology allow us to tell any story and bring any idea to reality, revolutionizing the way our clients communicate with their audiences.

At Mompozt, we constantly seek an authentic way of telling stories that influence people and contribute to the development of solutions to the challenges of our time.
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PolygonUs, We are a software and video game development, digital art, animation, VFX and Virtual Production Studio from Medellín. We produce and develop all kinds of products and services for the entertainment industry. We seek to promote local artistic talent through Academy, our professional training school in digital arts for the entertainment industry and generate opportunities for the economic and social development of our region.
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