Castillo Honey Image

Castillo Honey

Castillo Honey:
Origin: Colombia - Santander
Region: Vericute, Floridablanca “Casablanca”
Altitude: 1500 M
Variety: Castillo
Process: Honey
Cupping notes: caramel, nuts and vanilla
Q-grade score: 87.6
Presentation: green – 35 kilo pack
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Canyon Export C.I. S.A.S.

As life is moving faster and faster, we want to create opportunities to slow down & savor the different moments in our lives. For this, we aim to create a sacred ritual around coffee.

Our name, Café Sagrado, means sacred coffee in Spanish. It comes from the belief that our artisan specialty colombian coffee can help in slowing down and creating more sacred moments in our days. It might be as simple as a sacred break of stillness in the middle of a hectic day- or as unique as celebrating a family reunion after a long time.