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Happy Tails Oat/Apple

Oat flour based with natural apple compote, banana and sugar cane syrup, are the softest treats or our portfolio and the preferred ones by small breeds. The oat flour is a great source of digestible fiber that can regulate sugar levels in blood and reduce the risk of diabetes.
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Tomasa's Bakery Latam SAS

We produce and sell dog treats made with 100% natural ingredients without preservatives or added chemicals whatsoever. Happy Tails, our brand name, is sold in more than 80 pet stores, pet friendly restaurants and veterinarians in Bogota (capital of Colombia) as well as in retail stores nationwide and quite a few local e-commerce. We are registered with the ICA (Local Dept. of Agriculture) with licensed recipes specifically designed to meet dog's taste and requirements. https://www.happytails.com.co