Hass Avocado Image
Hass Avocado Image
Hass Avocado Image
Hass Avocado Image
Hass Avocado Image

Hass Avocado

It is a single-seed pear-shaped fruit, round or oval depending on the variety. When the fruit is ripe, it has an external color that goes from green to dark purple. It can be smooth or wrinkled. In the interior, the light green or yellow flesh is soft with a slightly sweet flavor and a similar texture to that of butter.

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Verdeex SAS

Verdeex, was born in 2018, out of love for the countryside, led by a family with peasant roots. Our purpose? Achieve a fair and responsible trade of products that are growing in our Colombian soil, improving peasant economies and dignifying agricultural work. Our products? Hass avocado
and passion fruit to the world! Origin that excites and a surprising flavor.
We are certified under international standards, guaranteeing care for the environment and social responsibility with our actors, providing technical
assistance and supporting the strength of their production units.