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HTD line Image

HTD line

With the help of HTD (hydro thermodynamic) technology, we take advantage of all the physical properties of fluids through centrifugation, homogenization, pasteurization and ultra-pasteurization. To impact the development of sectors such as: food industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and waste treatment.
Our pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized pulp is a natural product without sweeteners, additives, preservatives or colorants, obtained by extracting and sieving the edible fraction of fresh, healthy and ripe fruits. Our products can be used in the preparation of juices and as raw material in the elaboration of shakes, smoothies, desserts, ice creams, sauces and dressings such as pastes, drinks, jams, yogurts, among others.
  • Agriculture
  • Other agro-industrial products


INNOVA FRUITS SAS supports thousands of national producers with the use of agricultural products that are generally lost or wasted.

Through different transformation methods we maximize all aspects of fruits, vegetables and different agricultural products generating an added value and covering the needs of the national and international industry.

We seek to satisfy the needs of our customers in the food sector such as: Cereals, bars, granolas, sauces, dressings, beverages, instant powdered soft drinks, ice cream, dairy products, creams and soups; as well as in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector.