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Specialty Coffee Roasted

Our Coffee is a selected coffee, from each harvest grain by grain of excellent quality is chosen, with a high glanulimetric classification, without any mixture.

Our Coffee Cups are highlighted by very aromatic sensations, caramelized, fruity chocolate, with floral notes.
It is distinguished by having a medium acidity, medium body, sweet and smooth flavor
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Centro de Exportacion & Negocios SAS

Exportación y Negocios SAS, The main objective is the commercialization and sale of Colombian products, we carry out the transformation and integration of healthy and organic products mainly, Coffees of Origin, Specials, Organic, Cocoa, Cocoa Liquor, Seasonal Fruits, Sacha Inchi (Flour & Oil), Mango Pulp (Frozen), Yam Fresh. [Dioscorea SPP] and other agro-industrial products http://www.micafe.com.co