Ciplas S.A.S.

Our history
Ciplas is a leading company in the transformation and commercialization of polypropylene products. Our enduring interest in penetrating new markets has allowed us to produce a broad and complementary product portfolio.Because we are ISO 9001: 2008 certified under the International Standard of Icontec, this assures that each of our procedures and activities guarantees a product manufactured to the highest quality standards, with excellent client service. Ciplas is at the forefront of the market, utilizing the latest technology, product standards and human resources, which has allowed us to evolve and prosper over our 50 years of effort and dedication.

Ciplas is a leading company in the manufacture of Packaging solutions thru the transformation polypropylene, including but not limited to the following packaging solutions

Company’s Products

Plastic Strapping and Banding

Packing Mesh and Mesh Produce Bags

Braided Rope (Marine and Livestock)

Millennium Raffia (Multifilament Rope)

Protecplas - Poly-woven Fabric

UV Resistant Poly-woven Fabric