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Technological Infrastructure Integration

DATA TRANSPORTATION: Design, assembly and certification of copper, fiber optic and wireless data network infrastructure. LoRaWAN communications infrastructure development project.
ENERGY TRANSPORTATION: Design, assembly and certification of medium and low voltage network infrastructure. Supply of UPS equipment, inverters and regulators, photovoltaic energy project solutions.
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  • Computers, Electronic, Electric and Telecommunication Equipment
  • Conductors

Alianza Innovación Tecnológica

It is a business group of more than 12 Tolima companies, with a high experience in the technology sector, with recognition in R + D + i projects (Research, Development and technological innovation) with entities such as "Alliances for Innovation" of Confecamaras , Promotion of Innovation in Senainnova companies, "Research and Technological Development" of the Ministry of Sciences Minciencias; among others.

Our expertise is focused on industry 4.0, with projects related to the development of IoT (Internet of Things), BlockChain, training in ICT technologies in alliance with the government of Tolima, mobile applications, Web applications, software development, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, network infrastructure, and custom software.