Dimaster Plus Image

Dimaster Plus

Main controller, it connects with the other devices that you want to control, so that they can be activated from anywhere in the world. Allows wireless management of all Diseven devices. It stores, processes, transmits, executes the information of the equipment, and saves it in a database. You can control up to 100 automated devices and establish a simultaneous connection with up to 20 mobile phones to interact with the system. It is also possible to create scenes and schedule specific tasks at certain times.
  • Computers, Electronic, Electric and Telecommunication Equipment
  • Electro thermal appliances

Diseven Innovación Tecnológica SAS

Diseven is a Colombian Company in charge of manufacturing and marketing devices for automation (IoT) with applications at the residential level and with a very specialized solution for the Hotel and Hospital sector, where we manage to improve the experience of people in space, while simultaneously reduce energy consumptions, since automatic scenes can be programmed and indirect measurement of the devices connected to the system can be obtained. (The System allows you to control anything that has energy or batteries, lights, air conditioning, fireplace, sound, refrigerators, cellars, doors shutters, motors… completely wirelessly and without the need to download any application on cell phones, as that can done through a web app, universal remote control, manual and by voice commands.