Double offset pole band  Image

Double offset pole band

It is used to mount or fix other elements to the pole.
  • Computers, Electronic, Electric and Telecommunication Equipment
  • Electro thermal appliances


We are a metalworking company founded since 1996, we are certified by ICONTEC under the NTC ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Our fittings have CIDET product conformity certification and compliance with RETIE standards, we also have the Gas Natural Fenosa Homologation. We offer the following products and services: Electrical hardware (cross braces, diagonals, bayonets, staples, etc.) and telephone, fixing elements (studs, screws, nuts, J-hook, anchors, etc.), Maintenance service, Reinforced Polymers in fiberglass (PSR), Fire Doors, manufacture of electrical and telecommunications towers, metal enclosures, arms for public lighting fixtures, development of new engineering and machining projects.