U-WIGO lite is our smart satellite that integrates Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technology to control a variety of Infrared and IoT devices, such as TVs, DVDs, ACs, Home Theaters, switches, among others.
U-WIGO lite is for our users that don´t have RF devices so they can have this U-WIGO to control every other device that connects with Infrared and internet of things.
Technique sheet
  • Computers, Electronic, Electric and Telecommunication Equipment
  • Home Appliances


LYA ELECTRONIC SAS is a well-rounded company that blends different tech solutions, is in a constant dynamism looking to solve technological challenges.

We believe in skilled human talent, the love to invent, to create, and will do our very best to make possible the impossible.

At LYA ELECTRONIC SAS you can find a fresh-minded and experienced group of professional from different backgrounds dedicated to your projects related to:

- Smart-city and lighting developments
- Software and Hardware designs
- Mixed Reality Solutions - AR
- R&D Services
- E-commerce & Web Development

In addition, we have a business line in home automation called U-WIGO and U-NIV3RS3, this automation system is 100% COLOMBIAN design and we are looking for distributors or investors.

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