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  • Computers, Electronic, Electric and Telecommunication Equipment
  • Measurement


TempiX® is a totem that monitor persons entering facilities like offices, hospitals, government entities, airports, among others.

With TempiX® you eliminate the contact between persons and at the same time:
• Measure their temperature
• Control and identify the persons entering
• Disinfect hands with a dispenser
• Disinfect shoe soles with a footbath base
• Emit a detection alarm of high temperature
• Shows a fever indicator light

One biosecurity solution 6 in one.

With TempiX you will be able to eliminate the contact between persons, to do a temperature measure and control of personal entering to your facilities, disinfecting hands and shoe soles, reducing the risks and keeping a total monitoring of your place of work.

Colombian product manufactured by QWhealth and with exclusive distribution for AXEDE S.A.
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