Toscana System Image
Toscana System Image
Toscana System Image

Toscana System

Italian design sliding system, special for lightweight windows and doors. Each sash includes 25 mm x 52 mm aluminum profiles. The frame is characterized by rounded edges, isobaric chamber and 45 mm x 37 mm profiles cut at 45°, providing an aesthetic finish, and efficient protection against wind and water.
  • Construction Materials
  • Aluminium (Construction Materials)


VENTANAR is a Colombian company with global projection. Serving the aluminum curtain wall and window market since its origins in 1.980 to present, it has established itself as one of the leading companies for the engineering and manufacturing of architectural facades, participating in major projects nationwide.

Ventanar offers from conceptual design to the development of detailed engineering, manufacturing and assembly of mainly glazed facades and other complementary products for the building envelope as ceramic, aluminum composite panel and phenolic panel, succeeding in giving architects the freedom to design projects without limits, similar to those seen in big cities around the world, while achieving the bioclimatic, acoustic and aesthetic requirements that the project design team may need.