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Optimal performance, superior comfort
Superior is characterized by a design of smooth lines with slightly rounded shapes, reflecting a subtle and elegant appearance for those seeking differentiation with good functionality, providing comfort to the end user compared to traditional systems.

The Superior line is ideal for residential projects, in common areas and / or rooms."
HS code
  • Construction Materials
  • Aluminium (Construction Materials)


We are a multinational company of Colombian origin, with 60 years of experience and presence in Latin America, USA and the Caribbean. We deliver solutions that strengthen mutual growth, inspire and drive co-creation to improve people’s quality of life and generate well-being. We promote the use of aluminum, being the best ally of builders, industrialists and final consumers at the national and international level, knowing their demands and turning them into innovative solutions with quality and service. without neglecting the protection and sustainability of the environment; the integral development of our employees and we generate value for our shareholders and society.