Aqua Flat Edge Image

Aqua Flat Edge

Element for edges and finishes of swimming pools.
• Solid element precast in architectural concrete • For interiors and exteriors
• Handmade artisan product
• Product made with natural materials
• Coefficient of friction that minimizes the risk of falling
  • Construction Materials
  • Ceramics and Tiles


LA GRAN UNION ESTRATEGICA SAS, We are a company specialized in the design and manufacture of architectural concrete elements that give the possibility of having durable and exclusive finishes.
Our CALIZO Brand applies processes learned to give the best quality and guarantee to its elements.
NUESTRAS LINAS AQUA, Specialized in elements for pool edges and beaches. LIENZO, Specialized in wall and facade veneers. MOBILE, Specialized in furniture such as benches, chairs, pots, sinks etc.
CONCREPEGA, Specialized in Glues and nozzles designed for this type of elements.
SERUM Cleaning and waterproofing sealants.