Elasteq 7000 Image
Elasteq 7000 Image

Elasteq 7000

Waterproofing based on thermoplastic resins and cements with additives and incorporation of synthetic fibers. This composition results in a polymer and cement modified membrane with excellent flexibility, strength and waterproof characteristics.
For waterproofing areas with constant presence of water or permanently humid areas, such as humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and showers, washing areas, elevated, supported or buried concrete drinking water tanks, balconies and terraces
-Excellent flexibility of an additional 40%
-Easy to apply product, with a brush or a hair broom
-Excellent adhesion when applied to mortar or concrete surfaces
-Allows direct placement of the coatings without the need for mechanical protection
-It is not toxic
-After the cure is odorless
  • Construction Materials
  • Plastic and Rubber (Construction Materials)


ELASTEQ is a company specialized in waterproofing technologies. It's mission consist to manufacture and sell high quality, competitive and environmentally friendly civil construction products. ELASTEQ develops all its products, not only with the aim of providing its customers the best solution, but also technical and environmental friendly. https://www.elasteq.com.co/