J Shape Image
J Shape Image
J Shape Image
J Shape Image
J Shape Image
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J Shape

With the J-profile, it is possible to conceal any imperfections that the edge of the worked sheet may have, isolate moisture, and sometimes avoid the need for taping.
The final finish of this profile results in solid, straight and impact resistant corners.

LENGTH: 3.05 mts

Inperplas Industria de Perfiles Plásticos SAS

In Inperplas we are dedicated in the transformation of 100% original PVC into construction products and finishes.
Our main focus is:
* Corner beads for lightweighted construction ( drywall )
* Wall and corner protection for heavy duty spaces such as deposits and hospital, among others.
* PVC sheet with 7.4 inches and 1.8 microns thickness for wall protection.
* Extruded groove for sanitized spaces where specific activities need maximum of cleaning.