Plastic Roof Tiles

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TRANSLUCENT: FRP Translucent Plastic roof skylight resistance of wind and corrosion conditions, severe environmental facts with minimal fixing and optimum requeriments of structure. We have unic benefits, finishing diffuser and different colors to obtain the lighting desire. We have different shapes to addapting for something type of opaque cover or 100% translucent areas.

OPAQUE: Its external face bright and flat, It reflex a hight percent of light and sunning energy, lessing the warm in the integrated space, generating an sure environment, enjoyable and tighted for needs of each buIlding.
Plastic Roof Tiles Image
Plastic Roof Tiles Image
Plastic Roof Tiles Image
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EXIPLAST Exiplast is a leading company in the manufacturing of fiberglass polyester systems. We are experts in natural lighting and smart enveloping development certified that includes thermo selective technology, thermic insulation, aggressive chemical environments resistance and fire retardancy.