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This product is designed for a high abuse enviroment, such as an ocean spa, resort, hotel, AC returns or commercial applications and more. The object of our design was for a maintenance free, new generation of bi-fold and slab louver/louver doors that will withstand the wear and tear and high abuse better than the traditional wood and metal louver/louver products that have been on the market for years.


Azembla has served the building industry since 1997 while developing a diverse portfolio of PVC building systems including the cutting-edge RBS paneling, a wide array of exclusive door and window systems, roofing, pergolas and fencing. Providing versatility and durability in even extreme conditions, Azembla products are an essential solution for a wide array of construction needs. Serving more than twenty-five countries over four continents; Azembla continues to lead the way in developing state-of-the-art, high-quality building products all supported with an exceptional level of service.