It is a plastic waterproofing in the form of paint, resistant to humidity and of great adherence. SOLDER PLAST is made with high density plastic resins. Once applied when dry, the product forms a plastic layer that adheres to the treated surface, immediately eliminating all traces of humidity. It is resistant to high and low temperatures (10°c+110°c).
Technique sheet
  • Construction Materials
  • Prefabricated


We are a successful Colombian company in the manufacture and retail and wholesale trade of hardware, construction and national industry products. We have expanded our product portfolio in order to offer other alternatives to satisfy our customers.

It was created with the purpose of manufacturing products for the hardware market and distributing third party products of a high rotation, recognized for their good quality. We develop the trade of these products with great leadership and dedication.

The commitment of MACROSOLDER SAS is that all actions must be oriented to build the trust and respect of all our customers and consumers, satisfying their requirements and fulfilling the commitment with quality and excellent service.