They are manufactured from hot rolled steel strips, which are subject to a cold forming process that when going through a series of rollers, they give the geometry to the pipe and it is closed by a process of high frequency induction welding (HFI).

• It has a better resistance ratio by weight and twisting than the "I" or "H" beams.
• Products with controlled mechanical characteristics.
• Available in circular, square and rectangular profiles.
For high strength structures (columns, lattices, bridges, forms, scaffolding), machinery manufacturing (agricultural, industrial and construction), vehicle bodies, poles (lighting and signage), towers, masts and storage systems.

Using PTEC pipe in structural design will give, as a result, a building with a lower relation of weight per unit area compared to other structural systems and components.
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Since 1961, CORPACERO is a pioneer in the manufacturing of metallic products for construction, infrastructure works and general industry. We promote the country's industrial development and our experience and quality are sufficient reasons so that the country´s great brands choose us and hand their projects to us.

Our production plant, located in Barranquilla, has a manufacturing capacity of 250,000 tons per year. Its proximity to the city port allows us to export products to Central American and surrounding countries.

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