Corporate branding design and development

We design and develop different spaces (offices, vehicles, etc) based on the brand, combining brand identity, people who work on it and type of materials (adhesives, acrylics signs, etc). We look for creating a corporate identity with people who work on the spaces. We develop logos and brand guidelines, based on three pillars: Appropriate, distinctive and simple.
  • Digital Creative Industries

  • Advertising Agencies


VR MAKING ON SAS VR MAKING ON SAS is an experienced colombian company of 4.0 industry. With a group of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in software and web development and design combined with a team of experience people in office branding, we offer two services: Web development and design and Corporate branding (offices, spaces, vehicles, brand and logo design, etc). We have worked with companies such as Avianca and Rappi contact centers doing office Branding. About web development, we have worked with one of the leaders in queue management system in Colombia, Grupo DYD.