Innovation Platform

It is a platform where the company organizes the best Hackathon; Intensive work marathons focused on achieving an end result. They are ideal for generating new products, services, consensus and promoting interdisciplinary work inside and outside the company.

These are designed in the form of a contest. Its duration can be from 8 to 54 hours over a maximum of 5 days.
  • Digital Creative Industries
  • Advertising Agencies
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It is a company that seeks to reduce the digital divide of companies by creating innovation and knowledge communities and providing advice on Information technologies, strategic IT planning, development and software implementation
Specifically, it is dedicated to advising companies to design business models and products, through agile methodologies of entrepreneurship and innovation combines various techniques and services such as Talks and Workshops, Hackathones and Bootcamp through its Platform innovation, generate content, develop software, support with tools the innovation process, have their GUIDE-ONE software specialized in managing calls for open innovation and entrepreneurship.