Our history
With more than 40 years of experience in the textile industry, ENCAJES S.A. Colombia is a company that throughout its history has diversified its portfolio to adjust to the needs and opportunities of the market.

The company has a global presence and currently exports to more than 30 countries, being the largest lace exporter in Colombia and one of the largest suppliers of the biggest intimate apparel brands around the world.

The company has its traditional home fashion and Lace product lines, and has ventured into the line of Powernets for shapewear garments and circular knitted textile fabrics to venture into lines such as Swimwear, Sportfit and Fashion. And due to the current situation of the pandemic, it has developed textiles with antifluid protection.

The foray into these new lines has allowed ENCAJES, to increase its participation in the local market, complementing its value offer for current clients and conquering new customers.

Company’s Products

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GO GREEN COLLECTION - Elastic Lace & Allovers

SHAPEWEAR - Non-Spacer fabrics, Powernets Lace & Allovers

FASHION - Circular Knitting, Lace & Allovers

SWIMWEAR - Circular Knitting, Lace & Allovers

SPORTFIT - Circular Knitting, Lace & Allovers

INITIMATE - Circular Knitting, Lace & Allovers

Anti-fluid face mask

Company’s Products