Eterna S.A.

Our history
Eterna S.A is a company with more than 65 years in the Latin American market, with four Business Units: Hose and Institutional Cleaning, Medical, Industrial and Children´s products, we have 9 production plants in the city of Bogotá; In the Cleaning business, we offer "the integral cleaning solution for homes and institutions" with a wide and varied portfolio in categories such as gloves, sponges, cloths, disinfectant cleaners, dishwashers, softeners, detergents, brooms, mops, brushes, dustpans, and other complementary products that facilitate cleaning tasks.

We have different brands to cover the different needs and types of the consumer; In the Colombian market, we are sale leaders in the categories of gloves, sponges, and cloths, in Peru we are leaders in the category of gloves and currently, we have export businesses in Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Chile, Honduras, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and the United Kingdom.

Company’s Products

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Eterna ecological gloves

Ecological absorbent towel

Chloroprene based adhesives

Limpia Ya Yellow gloves

Eterna non-slip gloves

Absorbent cloth pay 1 get 2

Eternal abrasive fiber pay 2 get 4

Eterna multipurpose cloth

Cleaning green fiber

Limpia YA Multi-sponge

Limpia YA Dual use Cleaning Sponge

Colored sponge kit

Antibacterial Multi-Use Cleaning Sponge

Limpia YA wet cleaning cloths

Limpia Ya Dry Cleaning.

Combo Limpia YA black and yellow gloves.

Limpia Ya Venecia Broom

dustpan with rubber edge

Ecological dustpan

Ecological brush type iron

Laundry gloves

Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant

Limpia Ya Softener

Limpia YA Dishwashing cream

Limpia YA Detergent

Eterna liquid detergent removes more stains

Baking soda multipurpose cleaner

window profile

Large universal door gasket with flap / double bulb

Multi-surface antibacterial liquid

Antibacterial liquid hands

Antibacterial gel


Matafilo packaging

Universal door gasket with flap

Door packing Logan Sandero

Universal trunk packaging

Universal door gasket


Disinfection Mat


Hot Water Bottle

Intimate shower

Company’s Products

Eterna ecological gloves

Ecological absorbent towel

Chloroprene based adhesives