WOW CAN Beef 300g Image
WOW CAN Beef 300g Image
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WOW CAN Beef 300g

WOW CAN Beef 300g is natural wet food for dogs all ages and breeds. It is a product that meets all of the nutritional requirements of a complete diet. We don’t use any preservatives or artificial colorants in our diets, and they don’t need to be maintained frozen (1 year shelf life). WOW CAN Beef 300g offers adequate food, rich in nutrients and easy to digest. Beef is an important source of protein and vitamin B6. These elements contribute to energy levels and stimulate the immunological system in our animals. Compact depositions and less odorous, brighter fur are some of the benefits of WOW CAN.


WOW CAN produces and commercializes natural pet food in Colombia. Our diets don't include preservatives and are based on authentic protein sources which result in an innovative format that our pets love and that offer high quality nutrition.