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Versatile in different preparations, saving time and movements within the workshop with standardization in each of the processes. Currently in our portfolio you will three types of mixes: biscuit mix, muffin mix, and custard cream mix.
  • Foods
  • Bakery and biscuits

Sociedad Comercial La Bugueña SAS

Sociedad Comercial La Bugueña S.A is a company with more than 33 years in the market. It is dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of raw materials for bakery and confectionery.
Our product line offers you Manjar Blanco, Caramel Spread, Condensed Milk, Glazes, Fillings, Sugar in sachets, cubes and powdered form, Baking Powder and Caramel Color.
QUALITY: Our products and services fulfill with the real needs of the client, offering a high performance with just price, with thequality stamp that only La Bugueña can give.
PROMISE OF SERVICE: We not only offer advisory in the application and use of our products, also through our Technical, Commercial and Marketing team, we will build proposes that will contribute to the growth and development of your business, looking to generate long – term commercial relationships.