Tosh Orange Mousse Cream Cookies Bag 6x2 Image
Tosh Orange Mousse Cream Cookies Bag 6x2 Image

Tosh Orange Mousse Cream Cookies Bag 6x2

Tosh Orange Mousse Cream Cookies, No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners | Less sugar | Perfect for every occasion

Guilt-Free Pleasure - Our products provide a wide variety of flavors and benefits, with features and components such as: low sugar, no trans fat, and much more. The balance between delicious taste and good food for you. Staying healthy has never been so satisfying and fun.
Highest Quality Ingredients - Great Source of Vitamin C, Zero Artificial Flavors or Colors, 0% Trans Fat, Low Sugar, and No High Fructose Corn Syrup
Smooth and Creamy: The aerated cookie has the slightest hint of salt which, in combination with the filling, brings a delicious sweet orange flavor making this the perfect citrus cookie, crunchy on the outside and creamy in the middle.
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