Harina de Avena

Oat Flour

Precooked oat flour. Naturally free of sugar and cholesterol.
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Procesadora Nacional de Cereales S.A

Pronalce S.A is a company founded in the year 2000 with a mission to RESPONSIBLY DELIGHT WITH HEALTHY FOOD. We process and commercialize Oats, Cereal and Granolas nationally, Pronalce is the leader for the importation of these products.
Pronalce S.A guarantee products with excellent quality and fair prices, allowing us to be part of the leading companies in the local market.

We have an extensive nationwide coverage, with distributors in major cities that distribute Del Sur brand to different channels, reaching the end consumers.

We have an industrial line to cater the major food companies in the country and multinationals, such as: Nutresa , Quala , Bimbo, CasaLuker , Colanta and Sodexo.

We develop own brands for large supermarket chains We participate in negotiations with the state, to attend school food services and the military forces of Colombia.

We have participated in negotiations with the state and we have been awarded bids on several occasions to attend school canteens and military forces of Colombia.