Chocolate Couvertures Image
Chocolate Couvertures Image

Chocolate Couvertures

Our chocolate couvertures are sustainably crafted at origin and made with Fine Flavor Cocoa, which provides a unique sensorial profile.

Selected Regions: Have a unique flavor that is given by the pureness of their origins. Made from selected beans from the different Fino de Aroma Cocoa growing regions where we work, their flavor does not only reflect the cocoa variety, but also the richness of the soil.

Luker Recipes: We select the best Cacao Fino de Aroma beans from different regions and created special recipes with unique flavors.
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Luker Chocolate

We are a Colombian family-owned business with 113 years of tradition that is revolutionizing how premium, indulgent, sustainable, and high impact chocolate is made. We are a B4B chocolate manufacturer that provides a one of a kind chocolate as an ingredient for other food companies and manufacture finished products for other brands.

Our purpose: To make the world a better place by helping other companies create purpose-driven products, that use our chocolate as a tool for change.