Uvas pasas cubiertas de chocolate
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Raisins covered with chocolate

The best selection of Chilean raisins, covered in chocolate milk type Swiss based on cocoa butter.


We are a factory of chocolate and products covered with chocolate with differents centers such as nuts, seeds, cereals and in general any center that can be covered with chocolate. We make our own chocolate from 100% Colombian cocoa which we obtain directly from the cocoa farmers. We sell our products in bulk per kilos and also in different presentations or ideal packaging for details such as corporate chocolates, advertising or business. Some of the products we produce are: raisins covered with chocolate, peanuts covered with chocolate, cerealcovered with chocolate, coffee covered with chocolate, almonds covered with chocolate, gummi covered with chocolate, uchuva covered with chocolate. Also the derivatives of the process of transformation of cocoa such as: cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, cocoa powder and chocolate coating http://www.produl.com.co