Chocolate Covered Dehydrated Coconut- 60% Cacao (60gr) Image

Chocolate Covered Dehydrated Coconut- 60% Cacao (60gr)

Tropical and Exotic fruits covered in dark chocolate creating the ideal balance between the fruit's acidic flavor and the chocolate's fruit and floral notes
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CI MiPyme Papayazul SAS

Papayazul is a Colombian company dedicated to provide healthy and nutritious food solutions for the whole family, focusing on digestive health.
Through iapi foods, we are the evolution in nutrition!
More and more people from around the world are now becoming very health conscious and mindful of the ingredients in their foods and beverages. Our products are highly differentiated and on-trend products, so you can almost guarantee that the demand will soon rise for these.
This way, we promote and facilitate healthier food habits from a young age, with combinations of fruits, vegetables and ancient grains, made into products suitable for the whole family, through a practical packaging that preserves the properties without the need for artificial flavours or preservatives.