Cocoa beans Image
 Cocoa beans Image
 Cocoa beans Image

Cocoa beans

Export-type cocoa beans, selected sieve 8, fermentation at 80% +, humidity at 7.5% -, select and mixed varieties (Fsv41, saravenas, Arauquita, fear 5, ccn51 (known as Ecuadorian) and Amazonian hybrid rich in fat and astringency.
Regular cocoa beans, selected 6 sieve, fermentation 40% +, humidity 8% -, mixed varieties 12 hybrid Amazonian clones.
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Choko met SAS

Choko Met SAS is a company located in the department of Meta, dedicated to the transformation and commercialization of products derived from cocoa and coffee. We currently work with 77 families in the region in a vulnerable condition, to whom we provide free technical assistance, in order to improve their harvest and post-harvest processes, thus improving the quality of their products, which we acquire, transform and commercialize, generating development and competitiveness in the department of Meta.