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Cocoa liquor

% Fine Chocolate Flavor
100% (Cocoa Liquor)
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Somos Cacao S.A.S

Somos Cacao is a Colombian company located in the Northern Santander department. It rescues the historical identity of cacao, transforming it into each one of its artisanal products. conscious of the earth but above all the rural labor from which it originates. With great attention to detail, we provide a Fine Aromatic Chocolate which transcends borders.
Working hard to not only be leaders in ethical production of cacao, but also, we strive so that each time our chocolate is tasted, it is authentic and revives the history behind our trade. Our cultivation does not compromise the quality of social, environmental, and work, neither or people or our essence. Somos Cacao provides portions of dreams, textures, and aromas for chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and the world alike.