San Alberto coffee

Colombias most award winning coffee.
San Alberto´s flavor is intimately linked with Hacienda San Alberto; a blessed terroir full of nutrients, rich in water springs. An special microclimate that provides a characteristic flavor with a unique identity.
San Alberto is a surprising assemblage of 2 arabica varieties: Arabica Caturra and Arabica Castillo, made by our master coffee taster. 100% Arábica Colombian Coffee
A coffee with locious sweet aromatic notes reminiscent of caramel and a soft dark chocolate; stands out its delicate fruit-like acidity and its harmonic balance, which yield a distinctive and elegant character in mouth.
Exquisiteness and luxury, In complete harmony with the environment: Rainforest and UTZ certified.
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Café San Alberto

San Alberto is colombia´s most award winning coffee. Third generation of coffee growers with a vision of provide luxury to the world.
We deeply believe that the royalty in coffee has to come from Colombia, from an artists with a particular vision, origin and technique. Building on a robust concept, we want to provide luxury that multiplies the special moments of life; while dignifying the role of the farmer and protecting the land that provides masterpieces.